Facebook Space At Davos. The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos gathers leaders from global society to establish priorities and influence global and regional agendas. In collaboration between the agency partner and various teams at Facebook we shaped the narrative of the Facebook Space around three core themes: Privacy, Election Integrity and Content Governance.

Role_ Global Creative Director at Facebook London
Agencies_ Creature London and Smyle
Motion/Animation_ Strange Beast, London

Miami Ad School Poster. I run a series of innovation and digital sessions at Miami Ad School in São Paulo, called Brainstorm Shop in collaboration with Marcelo Pena Costa. We created and sent out a poster to promote these sessons.

Role_ Creative Director and Designer
Artist_ Cristina Guitian
Award_ D&AD, Typography Illustration

ANEEL Annual Report, Government of Brazil. ANEEL is the regulatory agency for electric energy companies in Brazil and their job is to ensure consumers have the best electricity generation service. The annual report accounts for ANEEL’s practice and figures during a year’s work.

Role_ Art Director and Designer

Award_ The One Show (NY), Silver Pencil, Graphic Design

Pixes Skull, NFT Art Collective Show. I was invited to be part of a collective of 50 artists from around the world, gathered by Philippe Intraligi, with the purpose of learning about NFTs and crypto. 

The group was comprised of artists, illustrators, designers, art directors and photographers, each of us had to create artworks with the Pixel Skull icon. All the artworks were exhibited in the metavers and made available for purchase.

Breast Cancer Awareness Film, “Excuses let breast cancer grow”. We found out that most women let the regular checks behind when they should do regurlarly. Chances of survival increases considerably when detected earlier.

Role_ Creative Director and Head of Art
Award_ The One Show (NY), Merit Award, Typography/Motion

Personal project. On the tube in London, I draw portraits of commuters and added some twitsts to their ungarded moments, as part of my explarations on drawings. I endeded up with a series and I exhibited in a group show in London.

Recognition_ American Illustration-Latin America Award

Personal Projet: Generative Paintings. The Generative Paintings series was born out of a dual challenge: experimenting computer coding and delving into generative art. While generative art yields visually striking images, the printed results often lack the vividness of traditional paintings. The process begins with a photo, which I then transform using code to generate a variety of abstract compositions. 

These serve as sketches, guiding my hand as I meticulously apply oils to canvases. The objective is to infuse warmth into the initially 'cold' machine-generated images. Every brushstroke and composition on the canvas is thoughtfully crafted, aiming to convey the sentiment of the original subject to the audience.

Lycra+Denin. Poster for the launch of Lycra component for denin fabric. 

Role_ Art Director
Award_ Cannes Lions Silver

Denis Kakazu
London UK –– Hamburg DE