Brand_ Nivea

Project_ Loving Touch

Nivea collaborates with hospitals to support premature babies and their recovery. Drawing upon their skincare expertise, Nivea promotes the benefits of human touch in aiding the preemies' development. We designed a tactile device that replicates the human touch for use when the babies are in incubators, assisting them in a speedier recovery.

Role_ Global Creative Director
Agency_ Publicis One Touch, Hamburg

Gold_ Eurobest, Innovation
Gold_ ADC, Germany, Innovation 

Silver_ London International Awards, Health Wellness
Silver_ ADC*E, Integrated & Product Innovation
2x Bronze_ADC, NY, Prototype, Science & Medical
Bronze_ Epica, Health & Beauty
Merit_ADC, NY, Product Design & Innovation
Merit_ADC, Germany, Product Design & Innovation

Merit_ One Show NY, IP & Product Design

2x Shortlist_ Clio Health, Design, Early Stage Design

Shortlist_ Cannes Lions, Health Product Innovation

Denis Kakazu
London UK –– Hamburg DE